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Torrents for Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~

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Episodes:   25 (TV) + 2 (DVD)  
Vintage:   October 2006
Genre(s):   Drama, Romance, Game, School
More info:   AnimeSuki Forum, ANN Encyclopedia, AniDB, AniRec Database, Wiki, Official Site, TV Tokyo, AnimeNfo
Description:   Episode 17.5 is a DVD only episode. The story fits between episodes 17 and 18.
Episode 25.5 was first shown at the Tokyo Anime Fair and is also included on the DVD release. The story fits between episodes 24 and 25.

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 Status   Release   FileReverse Sort Order   Group   Size   UL   DL   
 Active   2007-08-10  Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ 1-25  C1Anime   4304.7 Mb.     
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