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Torrents for Hakuchou no Mizuumi

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Also known as:   白鳥の湖
Episodes:   1 (Movie)  
Vintage:   March 1981
Genre(s):   Fantasy, Romance
More info:   ANN Encyclopedia, AniDB, Anime-Planet, AnimeNfo
Description:   When Prince Siegfried spots a beautiful swan with a crown on its head, for some reason he feels compelled to follow it. He discovers that the swan is, in fact, a princess named Odette, who is under a wizard's curse that causes her to become a swan by day. The wizard, Rothbart, wants to keep Odette to himself, and the only thing that can break the spell on Odette is a man who truly loves her, with all his heart and soul... (taken from Animenewsnetwork)

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 Active   2007-07-23  Hakuchou no Mizuumi Movie (Dual ROM/ENG subs)  Diclonius RO Sub   1229.4 Mb.  0 0    
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