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Torrents for Call Me Tonight

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Episodes:   1 OVA  
Vintage:   July 1986
Genre(s):   Horror, Romance, Science-Fiction, Demons, Ecchi
More info:   ANN Encyclopedia, AniDB, Anime-Planet, AnimeNfo
Description:   Rumi Natsumi works as a call girl for Telephone Communication Madonna, but her newest client may be the strangest she's had to chat with; his name is Ryo Sugiura, and he has an unfortunate problem: when he gets turned on, he turns into a monster - literally! Rumi is determined to help Ryu get his condition under control; but when one of Rumi's classmates finds out about their situation, things turn dangerous, fast...

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 Status   Release   FileReverse Sort Order   Group   Size   UL   DL   
 Active   2009-09-26  Call Me Tonight OVA  Anime Classic Reviews   166.0 Mb.  0 0    
 Active   2009-05-23  Call Me Tonight OVA  To-Y Restoration Committee   345.4 Mb.  2 1    
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