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AnimeSuki v2

This is project that I started well over a year ago. Even at that time, the scripts that run the site (from a visitor's perspective) hadn't had any changes and improvements for months. And as the original PHP code was pretty crappy, I wasn't keen on making any changes except a big one: a complete rewrite. The original ideas for AnimeSuki v2 were pretty bold and that in part is probably the reason the project didn't really produce any results for a long time. About the only feature that was implemented quickly and has been in use for a while is the License Database.

Despite a lot of lazyness on my side and a lot less spectacular than initially imagined, the project is finally complete! AnimeSuki v2 represents completely rewritten scripts, HTML and many small improvements. Unfortunately there are not really any real new features, but with the rewritten scripts crappy code is no longer an excuse.

So what has changed? An overview:
  • Rewritten PHP code
    This isn't visible from a visitor's perspective, but makes adding changes and improvements easier later. Also a few long standing bugs have been fixed (while not introducing any new bugs hopefully).

  • Rewritten HTML code
    Again, this isn't visible from a visitor's perspective. But while the old HTML code was a complete mess, this code now conforms to XHTML 1.0 Transitional. As pointed out to me already however, the HTML still isn't really modern (I still use to many tables were divs should be used).

  • All page make up in CSS
    And yet again a feature which visitors won't really notice. But the interresting bit is that this makes it possible to have site skins in future versions of the site.

  • Brushed up design
    Some slight improvements have been made to the design to make it look a bit more refined.

  • New menu
    The menu bar on below the AnimeSuki logo has been replaced with Javascript dropdown menu's. Main reason for this was because the old menu bar was full and didn't allow more options to be added.

  • More sorting options
    Various tables (including pretty much all torrent lists) now allow sorting on pretty much all columns.

  • More series information
    Some more information about series is now displayed: vintage (first air date in Japan), completion status (whether the entire series is fansubbed and available on BitTorrent) and genres.

  • Better groups & series lists
    Finding a specific group or series on the series list pages should now be a lot easier with an alphabetic index. The series page also has lists for complete & recent series and genres.

  • Improved search
    The search function has been significantly improved. It will now find both series and groups. If only one entry is found, then you're automatically forwarded to that page. Last you can now search on specific episodes as well. And you don't need to specify a series title when doing so - try searching for "Movie" for example. The search function now also parses all keywords seperately. This means entering "pr te" for example will forward you to the Prince of Tennis page where as with the old search function it wouldn't match anything.

  • Intergrated License Database
    In the past you were forwarded to a prototype script on a temporary location. In AnimeSuki v2 however the License Database is distributed over all mirrors.

  • Removed Torrents page
    All torrents that used to be on the AnimeSuki Torrents page have been moved to This way AnimeSuki can focus on being an index and can truely claim it doesn't host any anime through BitTorrent.

  • Improved RSS page
    Though most people won't notice it much, the RSS page has been upgraded to the RSS 2.0 specification and also supports enclosures (which should make automatic RSS import script writers happy).

  • Improved XML page
    To many improvements to mention. One new feature that stands out is that it's now finally possible to have a XML page for series. See this page with some more information on the changes.

  • And much more...
    Lots of smaller changes have been made - just check out the site.
You can discuss the changes on the AnimeSuki Forum.
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