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Search Help
The search feature on AnimeSuki is designed to help you locate anime series on AnimeSuki easier. Just type in (part of) the name of the series you are looking for. Wildcards are automatically enabled, so you can even search on parts of words. Optionally you can have the search also show torrent links if you tick the "Show torrent links" box.

To make it easier to find out the status of series which at one point were listed on AnimeSuki, but seem to have suddenly "disappeared", the search feature will also return series marked as licensed in the AnimeSuki database (although it will obviously not show any links). See the Licensed Anime page for an explaination on what licensed anime is.

Why doesn't it find what I'm looking for?
The search feature will only find series which at some point have been entered in the AnimeSuki database. This means it will find any unlicensed series for which English fansubs have appeared on BitTorrent. If the series is licensed, fansubs for it must have been added to AnimeSuki before it was licensed to be picked up in the search. For this reason a search on "Ghost in the Shell" will not show anything, yet searching for "Wolf's Rain" will find this series (but obviously won't show any links).

So basically if your search does not return anything this means that the series has either been licensed a while ago (before January 2003) and/or English fansubs do not exist for it or have not been put on BitTorrent (now or in the past).

To reduce the load on the main site, by default the option "Redirect to mirror" is enabled to distribute the load among all mirrors. It will do this only on the first search, on subsequent searches it will no longer redirect you to a mirror.

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